Renegade Mission

At Renegade Well Services we set an innovative standard for the method that service companies operate in the oil and gas industry. With firm safety policies and our substantial supervision, we strive to maintain a high quality of service in a safe work environment. We understand that our employees are our number one asset, and we will be persistent in finding new ways to grow, improve, and protect each working hand.
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Secondary Containments

Renegade is devoted to protecting the environment and keeping up with EPA regulations. We specialize in lining frac pits, building metal containments, and spraying polyurethane lining. Renegade will perform 100% of all necessary services for job completion. We also provide additional customization services for customer satisfaction, which includes: thickness of wall material, color of wall material, thickness of liner, and color of liner. We are proud of what we do and guarantee you will be to.