Renegade Mission

At Renegade Well Services we set an innovative standard for the method that service companies operate in the oil and gas industry. With firm safety policies and our substantial supervision, we strive to maintain a high quality of service in a safe work environment. We understand that our employees are our number one asset, and we will be persistent in finding new ways to grow, improve, and protect each working hand.
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Renegade offers a benefits package well above industry standards. Our employees are valuable to us, and we believe in the importance of creating a positive work atmosphere. Renegade Well Services offers health, dental, vision, and life insurance, to ensure that our employees and their families are cared for. Our company also offers a matching 401k to help provide a pathway to a prominent future for each and every employee. Renegade is persistent in always finding new ways to improve its benefit package.

Blue Cross Blue Shield/Health Insurance
United Healthcare/Dental & Vision
TransAmerica/401K Plan Provider
Paycom/Payroll Provider